Beletta Kennels breeds all 4 variety of Belgian Shepherd

Groenendael (black long coat) – Laekenois (fawn rough or curly coat) – Malinois (fawn short coat) – Tervueren (red or grey or fawn long coat)

We pride ourselves on providing well balanced, healthy, social puppies for Show, Sport and Pets.

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A recent review from a very happy puppy buyer:  Jo from NZ (Oct 22)

“Mo has just qualified and gained her novice container title so pending approval will get NCS after her name. She is also 2 challenges away from her champion status in the breed ring. This girl is so awesome I just love her to bits. She was always going to be my last import but if you produce the same quality as Mo I think I could be convinced. She is so sound in all ways, an absolute treasure. Thank you so much for sending her to us, she is a perfect match.

She is a wee star. A temperament to die for. You should be extremely proud of your lines. “