Beletta Sugar Flash Rapper (AI)
Sire: Belgenbeau Avion Nujae
Dam: Mirribandi Quatro
Whelped: 19/01/2019

Eye : tba

hips : 3:4 elbows 0:0


Owned by : Mrs J Hafey

Beletta Sugar Flash Rapper (AI) @ 9 months old – Sydney 2019

Sugar is a very sensitive soul who loves nothing more than to be at home relaxing with her family. She has been lightly shown with some amazing results, and has been spending her time relaxing and growing into a beautiful young lady. Sugar is very sweet and snuggles into a lap with ease.

Sugar is an absolute sweetheart and a real showstopper.


Pedigree of ” Beletta Sugar Flash Rapper (AI)”

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