The Laekenois – curly (rough) coat – fawn with black mask

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is the rarest of the 4 variety of Belgian Shepherd.

In Australia there are only about 30 of this particular breed, over the past 25 years less than 250 have been born (registered) in Oz and from what we can determine, there is currently less than 2000* Laekenois in the world. *(this is an estimate only based on my own research)

In Australia currently, there are only 3 Laekenois breeders persevering with this rare variety of Belgian Shepherd and here at Beletta Kennels we are extremely proud to be one of these breeders.

The Laekenois is the secret weapon of the Belgian world. They are the class clown and once you get to know them, you cant help but love their tenacious attitude. They are extremely smart, loyal, loving and protective of their family.

Here at Beletta, we are lucky enough to have 2 outstanding Laekenois girls to breed on with.

Beletta Kennels – Leading Laekenois breeder across Australia, 2018 & 2019  * Dogzonline Pointscore